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General Terms and Conditions of the Company of

Scope of application and Conclusion of contracts.

Our deliveries, services and offers shall exclusively be effected on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions. After selecting the article/s, loading the shopping basket and pressing the button “Order“, a purchase agreement shall be concluded automatically between the buyer and the company of This purchase agreement shall be binding (see also Instructions regarding returning of goods).

The purchaser shall receive, without delay, an automatically generated order confirmation by email.


All list prices shall be gross prices and are defined as including the sales tax required by law. The respectively valid sales tax is displayed on the invoice. Buyers from third countries and institutional foreign buyers with a VAT ID record are exempt from sales tax. In addition to the gross list prices, postage shall be charged at the actual rate unless other provisions have been made. After loading the shopping basket by pressing the button “Offer“, the buyer can have an offer prepared free of charge which shall also include information on postage and packaging costs (also for shipping to other countries). Offers can be submitted in German, English and Russian.

Foreign customers shall buy in accordance with the foreign exchange regulations valid in their country, the seller shall not be liable for any consequences which might result from violations of these.

Terms of delivery

The company of warrants a precise and appropriate description of the goods offered. With regard to coins and bank notes catalogue numbers are included in as far as this is possible. Errors and typing errors shall remain excepted. With regard to goods, which are provided by dealers involved, the description enclosed with the goods shall be taken over. Our goods are usually single items, delivery is effected in accordance with the sequence of receipt of the orders. There shall be no obligation to deliver!

Goods on commission shall be included at the suggested price of the party providing the goods. The party providing the goods shall be responsible for ensuring that there are no third party claims regarding the goods and that the objects submitted are not forged.

Any suspicion of criminal acts shall be reported. Queries shall be addressed to via e-mail to the address The goods shall be delivered by DHL AG or another forwarder. Upon the buyer’s request a transport insurance can be taken out at the buyer’s expense. Personal collection shall only be possible in exceptional cases. Delivery shall be effected immediately after receipt of payment, however, at the latest after 5 calendar days after crediting of the purchase price plus the packaging and shipping charges to the account of the company of

The delivery period for specialist literature can amount to up to 4 weeks since not all titles are in stock. In case of the submission of goods for the purpose of appraisal, sale on a consignment basis or purchase, no transport risk shall be assumed on the part of NumisWorld. Expertises shall be liable to costs. In case of sale on commission, 15 per cent of the sales price achieved shall be retained as a commission.

A number of articles have been discontinued by dealers involved. Thus, the delivery period may increase to up to 10 days since sub-supplies are required. Such delays in delivery shall be communicated by email.
Articles containing alcohol shall not be sold to persons below 18 years of age.

Terms of payment

On principle, purchases by new customers shall be effected on the basis of advance payment (advance payment or cash on delivery) to the account of the company of Delivery to regular customers whom we know shall be effected on account. Payment shall be effected in the currency specified on the invoice within a period of 14 days free of deductions. Payment shall be effected free of any banking charges. In case of payment in other currencies, the conversion shall be effected precisely in accordance with the price for the day.

Instructions on revocation / right to revocation

The customer shall be entitled to return the goods within one month without the necessity to indicate any reasons by sending them back. The period commences on the date you received the goods and the written instructions on revocation ( e.g. letter, fax, email). In order to adhere to the revocation time limit, it will be sufficient to send the revocation or return the goods in due time. In any case, all costs and risks for returning the goods will be carried by us. The right to revoke shall not apply to contracts on the delivery of goods, the price of which is subject to variations on the finance market that are beyond the control of the entrepreneur and which may occur within the revocation period, refer to § 312 d (4) Ziff. 6 BGB (German Civil Code). This particularly applies to precious metals and coins containing precious metals.


The revocation or revocation message shall be sent to:
Mr. Uwe Winkler
Am Meilenstein 16
04159 Leipzig

Consequences of revocation

In the case of an effective revocation, the services received by both sides shall be returned, and profits drawn (e.g. interests), if any, shall be returned. If you are unable to return the services received in full or in part or only in a deteriorated condition, you must compensate the seller for lost value if necessary. This does not apply to goods surrendered if the deterioration of the goods is solely caused by examining them, as would have been possible to do in a shop, or if such deterioration is caused by putting the goods into operation according to the purpose intended. You can avoid the obligation to pay a compensation for a deterioration, which was caused by putting the goods in operation according to the purpose intended, by not using the goods as an owner and by avoiding everything, which could cause a value loss. Obligations to refund payments shall be fulfilled within 30 days. For you, the period commences on the date you sent the goods or the revocation message, for us on the date of the receipt of the goods.

Reservation of title

The goods shall remain the property of until they have been fully paid.

Packaging ordinance

In accordance with the provisions of the German Packaging Ordinance, we shall be liable to take back packaging of our products, which does not bear the character of a nationwide system of disposal (such as the "Green Point" of Duales System Deutschland AG or the "RESY" symbol), and be liable for their recycling or disposal. To further clarify the return set for such products, please contact us. We will give you the address of a local assembly or a waste management company in your area, where you can return packaging free of charge. If this is not possible, you may send the packaging to us (, Mr. Uwe Winkler, Am Meilenstein 16, 04159 Leipzig). All packaging will be re-used or disposed according to the provisions of the Ordinance.

Data protection

The data forwarded by the buyer with the order shall be processed and stored in connection with the execution of the contract. Forwarding of the data to third parties shall exclusively be effected in the framework of the execution of the contract.

Legal venue and applicable law

Legal venue shall be Leipzig.
The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall exclusively apply. Application of the UN law on international sales shall be excluded.

Ads, editorial contributions and links

The classified ad service is free of charge. The company of does not accept any liability regarding the correctness of the contents of the ads. The ads are deleted automatically after a period of 3 months.

We cannot accept any liability for the editorial contributions by external authors and/ or the contents of external links, even though we carefully check the contents of these. With regard to the contents of the sites to which a link has been established, the operators of these shall exclusively be responsible. The statements provided in the contributions shall not be considered recommendations regarding purchases.

Partial invalidity

In the case of invalidity of individual provisions, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the provisions.

We hope that you will enjoy shopping with us.

Kind regards
your Numisworld Team



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